Preparing a mathematics lesson can take hours to do properly, taxing the teacher’s creative capacities and taking time to draft and polish. Maths teachers are a precise species and perfecting a lesson takes time. And time is precious, what with extra-murals, admin, family life and all!

Even more importantly, many learners find maths uninteresting: it is logical and structured, and hasn’t changed much in thousands of years. Compared to fashion, technology and social media? Boring!

Well, now that is in the past!

The Maths Illuminated PowerPoint Presentation Package makes it quick and easy for a teacher to prepare high quality lessons, and makes learning fun and funky through technology that learners can relate to.

What do I need?

You need a data projector, laptop or PC with PowerPoint 2010, and a whiteboard or screen to use the presentations in your classroom.

If you don’t have access to a data projector you can still print the presentations onto overhead projector sheets (preferably in colour) and use them in that way.
All presentations can also be printed as notes for the learners.

What do I do now?

Browse through this website to find out what presentations are available. Click on the grades in which you are interested on the left hand side in order to see sample slides and read a short description of each presentation. Find out more about us, as well as how to place an order, by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page. Please contact us with any queries.

Please note that orders may be placed over a weekend or school holiday, but will only be processed during the week and during the school term.