About Us

Maths Illuminated is a South African enterprise which holds an exclusive licence for distributing Whiteboardmaths.com presentations in South Africa. Whiteboardmaths.com is based in the UK and their presentations have been used the world over since 2004.

Whiteboardmaths.com is dedicated to providing the busy teacher with high quality power point mathematics resources for use with whiteboards and laptops.

Visually appealing and stimulating presentations significantly enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom. The presentations reduce teacher workload significantly, quickly engage and motivate learners and make teaching and learning more enjoyable.

A team of qualified, experienced South African mathematics teachers have chosen appropriate Whiteboardmaths power points and put together a package of presentations for exclusive use in the South African classroom.

These Maths Illuminated presentations are organised into grades, from grade 7 to grade 12, according to the CAPS requirements. All presentations are available in English and Afrikaans. For the dual-medium school, presentations can be ordered in a combination of the two languages, in which case the slides alternate between English and Afrikaans.

Once purchased, a presentation or package may be used by all the teachers in the Mathematics Department of the school. They are however under copyright and may therefore not be used by any teacher not belonging to that school.